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Fashion Idol Of the Week- Bella

Submitted by Mimi on Sunday, 5 April 200921 Comments
Fashion Idol Of the Week- Bella

This week’s fashion idol is Bella, who is truly a bellabeautiful in Italian. Glamorous, creative, sexy and a rocking body are just some ways in which I can attempt to describe this gorgeous gal. The one thing about Bella’s style that I love the most, is that no matter what she wears whether it’s Prada, H&M or Target, she makes it her own. And I’m not just talking about the way she wears clothes but also how she  literally personalizes her clothes by accessorizing.

Whether it be adding some unique buttons on a shirt,  a few studs on her blazer,  spikes on her shoes or other ingenious, distinctive  features. People must always stop her on the street and ask her where she got her shoes, shirt, jeans, etc.
Want to learn more about this fascinating lady, then head to Vintage Lollipops- it’s Bella’s kingdom that offers tons of inspiring outfits, DIY ideas and of course,  her beautiful writing!

Read the fabulous interview and comment on Bella’s style!

Bella is Wearing :

F21 black lace tunic
F21 tank
Vintage Calvin Klein cutoffs (DIY shredded)
DIY rope overlay
Marc By Marc Jacobs boots

1.    Name, Age, Location

Bella Harris,
St. Louis

2. Is there any special meaning behind the name of your blog  “ Vintage Lollipops” ?

When I started blogging, I obviously wanted something memorable and just a little bit unconventional, so I pulled the name Vintage Lollipops straight from the pages of the young adult novel I was writing at the time.  It just seemed to stick.

3. What kind of role does FASHION play in your life?

For me, fashion is really about the dynamics of experimentation while bolstering a spunky need for constant evolution.  I’m always probing for creative outlets to plug into, and I guess in many ways there’s a direct line of influence between my career and sense of style, simply based on ingenuity and character inspiration.

4. What do you enjoy wearing the most? bella-harris1

Oh, that’s a good question.  As a creature of habit, I attest to wearing certain things… to death.  I’m currently obsessed with my white Marc By Marc Jacobs boots.  They’re pretty rad.  But in general, have an affinity for messing around the style playground with proverbial androgynous themes and a pinch of dirty glamour.

5. What’s your dream career?

While I’m already pursuing my (dream) career as a writer, ultimately, as I look ahead, above and beyond the horizon… like anyone, I wish for the best.

6. I’ve noticed you have a fabulous shoe collection, I’m curious to know ( and I’m sure so are my readers)  how many pairs of shoes you own?

Ah, the ubiquitous shoe collection…  I get a lot of questions about this legion of savage kicks.  Safely said, I’ve developed quite the hybrid shoe fetish, and somewhere in this freakish sisterhood living inside my closet, it’s nearing the 300 mark.  

7. Is there something you would never-ever wear, even if it was the hottest trend?

I’m willing to try most styles to see if I can make it work and settle into my own, but man, I’m not a big fan of the high-waist.

8. You do a lot of DIY projects on clothes, like the pair of jeans you featured in February. To be honest, I was speechless at how talented you are !  Could you share an easy DIY project with LaMimi readers, if possible :)

It’s fun getting imaginative with DIY projects, and the easiest I’ve done to date was a pair of platforms embellished with spikes/cones for a bit of Rodarte appeal.

What you’ll need:

Platform shoes (preferably with ankle straps)
10 1” tall tree spikes
10 1/2” screw back cones
Leather puncher
Flexible measuring tape
Pencil or fine tip Sharpie

Arrange spikes and cones on your worktable according to how you want them to appear on said ankle straps.  Using the tape measure for better accuracy, allow ¾” between each spike/cone (optional: mark hole placement on straps for easier guiding).  Position leather puncher over marked areas on straps to poke holes through leather.  Insert spikes/cones and securely screw on backs.
9. Vintage vs New, what do you like the most and why?

Definitely a collaboration of the two, because I love incorporating styles from various eras then mixing it up with new and/or pieces I already own.

10. If you could share one of your styling secrets, what would it be…

It sounds a tad cliché, although my most valuable styling secret is simply be yourself, dress for yourself, and have fun with it.  I mean, life’s too short for boring, but that’s just me… take it or leave it.

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Thanks for visiting and keep in touch ~ Mimi.


  • vicky said:

    Wow! She looks so young and hip! Great pick for a fashion idol!

  • sharon rose said:

    Hi there-she has such a great unique style going on, great interview with such a chic young lady!

  • sharon rose said:

    Hi my dear-I’ve tagged you, see my post for details!!

  • xs said:

    bella is great and such a sweetheart! dirty glamour is a perfect description of her style.

  • Cassiopeia said:

    great interview! so styish and that diy is uberfun!


  • Bella said:

    Babe this is wonnnnnnderful! So let me take just a moment to reiterate… thank you so much, I LOVE everything about it!! You’re such a doll, and I can’t wait to share this with everyone!

  • solomon said:

    Wow! She looks like a movie star! And you are right Mimi – she’s got fantastic body! Good choice!

  • Danielle said:

    Great pick Mimi, and great interview!! I love being introduced to “new to me” bloggers! :)

    Thanks for the comments on my camera! So glad I received it!!

  • Leyla said:

    Wow, she’s gorgeous and so talented! I love her style and her DIY approach to personal style! Great pick as usual Mimi! =)

  • Catherine said:

    I love learning about other fashion bloggers who aren’t necessarily living in fashion-centric cities. Being so incredibly fashionable in St. Louis takes skills. Bella, I applaud you!

  • Kelli said:

    Great interview! She is a fascinating lady and oh so beautiful.

  • The Seeker said:

    Bella is such a beautiful girl and so lovely. Her style makes her unique.

    So Mimi, how are you gorgeous???
    Tomorrow night I’ll go on my trip.
    Last news I’ll be baby-sitting mother-in-law. I just hope I can do some shopping…



  • Stephanie said:

    g r e a t

    300 shoes bella!!! i cant even imagine w h e r e i would
    manage to even fit that amount in my apt! lol!
    though that would never stop me from building the collection lol!


  • ediot said:

    she is a stunner. i love her style. its fun and dark at the same time

  • silje said:

    Bella is amazing! She is such a sweetheart and a great writer. Love her style!

  • cassiopeia said:

    thanks so so so much for your lovely comments… i finished the jeans in the early hours of the morning… and wore them. woop! do get studs! it’s so much fun! pyramid ones don’t destroy nails quite as much as the stars lol.


  • la couturier said:

    I love her!

    La C.

  • Eeli said:

    Bella is amazing! I’ve been a fan of hers for whta seems like so long. One of my first blogger friends and its been amazing to get to know her through her blog.

    Congrats Bella!


  • said:

    Bella is ace!!!! like she is soooo amazingly stylish and so gloriously unjaded and so darn sweet!…her style swag is so effortless too.I LOVE YOU BELLA BOO!!!!! congrats…much deserved and much love !!!!!!

  • CC said:

    BELLA is the bizness!!!! like she is sooooo gloriously stylish yes so fantastically gracious and sweet. Ace…..congrats BElla Boo!!! u rock!!!

  • chauss said:

    great interview!

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