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The Super Slick Ponytail

Submitted by Mimi on Sunday, 25 January 200913 Comments
The Super Slick Ponytail

In an attempt to diversify with my hair styles, I looked at some of the popular hair trends on the international runways for Spring/Summer 09 as well as the recent Golden Globe awards. To my surprise it was a hairdo that I used to wear a lot in middle school. Correct, one of the hairstyle trends that stood out was the perfectly scraped back hairdo. The good thing about it is that it is very easily achieved at home as long as you have some gel  or hairspray and a comb. I think it’s a perfect way to wear you hair if you are having a bad hair day. However, the bad thing about this style is that it really puts focus on your face, make up and bone structure that can sometimes not be all that flattering.



What do you guys think of this hairdo? Are you going to give it a shot?

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  • Vicky said:

    I like it on others a lot, however this hairdo makes me look like an alien. So, I will pass

  • sharon rose said:

    Hi there-oh yay, such a fabulous look my dear!!

  • The Seeker said:

    Oh, I think it’s such a good look to mix between styles and be different.
    But I’ll have to pass….. I’ve short hair ;) *LOL*

    Hope you’re having a great weekend, lovely Mimi


  • Lisa said:

    This is a cute look and a convenient way to wear your hair, but I want to warn people not to wear their hair this way too often because of the possibility for inducing traction alopecia, or “ballerina baldness.” Basically, if tension is placed on the hair follicle by wearing one’s hair in a tightly pulled-back hairstyle for a prolonged period of time, it initially causes breakage of the hair, but then can progress to damaging the hair follicle, actually causing it to atrophy and produce finer hair, or no hair at all.

    This condition can be IRREVERSIBLE. I have permanent hair loss at the front of my scalp from wearing my hair in a tightly pulled-back ponytail for a month about five years ago, when I need to get my hair cut, but was too busy. Thankfully, I have a lot of hair and some of the follicles have come back, but it has taken years for my hair to improve to the point where I’m not that stressed about it. It is still not back to where it was before I had the traction alopecia. At this point, I think some of the hair loss is permanent.

    So, if someone wants to wear their hair like this, it can look adorable, but it is absolutely not a good idea to wear the hairstyle often, or to pull the hair too tightly when doing so. I would never have guessed that a month of wearing my hair like this could impact me for the rest of my life.

  • Leyla said:

    I do slick my hair back from time to time, but it is not my favourite look, because I have a small head, and having it pulled back in a ponytail just accentuates that. You should have posted some photos of yourself with that look, judging by your pix, this would look stunning on you! ;)

  • Mimi said:

    Hello Lisa! Thank you so much for taking the time and leaving such a great comment. I have heard about this condition but had no idea that it is caused by wearing your hair in a tight ponytail. I’m sure many of my readers will find your advice useful. I hardly ever wear my hair in this manner, becuase I just prefer to wear my hair down.
    Thanks again darling, and I hope to see more of your insightful comments here on LaMimi :)

  • Kelli said:

    I won’t be able to try it, even if I wanted to, since my hair is cut in a dégradé bob.
    I think this style looks good on some women however looking at it on J.Lo (at the awards) was just too painful! Anyone have migraine medicine? :)

  • Deep In Vogue said:

    tight ponytails and chignons I LOVE, but my hair needs to cooperate for them to turn out sleek, which my hair wouldn’t always do :) .

  • Cate said:

    Hello Mimi! <3

    This ‘do can look very good, as in the pictures you posted, and it can also look very bad if loose strands of hair are ocming undone around your face :D I’m hopeless at diversifying my hairstyles, because every hairstyle I try falls down or comes undone after five minutes, however much hairspray I use. And I like this hairdo on the models, but I love my fringe too much :D

    Actually, school isn’t tough yet :) Chemistry has been cancelled, so that’s why I’m sitting here now.. And one of the two maths lessons is cancelled too and SO IS P.E. [yaaaay!!!] because the teachers have some sort of conference! How’s your work going? Hope you have a good Monday!

  • Susanna-Cole said:

    I love this style, I do, however I’m not so sure it’s the most flattering on me, kind of makes my head look funny I think. :P

    Anyway thank you so much for your sweet comment, my dear, I appreciate your kind words and encouragement so very, very much! <3


  • Katee (e-polishblog) said:

    I love a ponytail!! When my hair was longer this how I pretty much always wore my hair.

  • Namine said:

    What do you do when you have short hair and a bad hair day… no ponytail then. I am slowly growing out. I don’t think this is the most flattering hairstyle if your wearing glasses.

  • Vicky said:

    I prefer to have a few loose strands dangling out of my ponytail. And I prefer not to use hair gel and the likes :P

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